Medical Devices

Novela team has been working with medical research groups in the University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto, the Sick Kids hospital, Krembil Neuroscience Centre, Montreal Neurological Institute, Kasr Al Ainy School of Medicine and Demerdash University Hospital.

Our medical technologies are designed to fulfill the application requirements, the end-users were part of the design loop. As a result, Novela electrodes are developed and optimized for customer satisfaction.

Implantable Neural Arrays

Through our work with medical research groups, we realized the imperative need to create new generation of implantable electrodes demonstrating advanced features and capabilities. The electrodes are key players in neural interfacing, and improvements to the electrode technology will directly meliorate the associated procedures and therapies.

Rigorous benchmarking supported by extensive animal testing has established the clear superiority of our products as compared to commercially available alternatives. Novela flexible electrodes exhibit significantly improved functionality and enhanced biocompatibility.

Silicon Intra-cortical Electrodes

Silicon electrodes provide low cost neural interface platforms for in vitro investigations. These electrodes are available in single, double and quad shafts.

“Atkas” Flex Intra-cortical Electrodes

Flex electrodes have flexible structures suitable for intra-cortical implantation, available in single, double and quad shafts. These electrodes are designed for stimulation and/or recording applications.

“Atkas-3D” Flex-3D Arrays

The Flex 3-D intra-cortical array delivers the performance of Flex electrodes in a 3-D constellation of neural-interfacing channels.

“Atkas-L” Electrodes

Flexible intracortical electrodes designed for deeper intra-cortical investigation and stimulation with depths up to 10mm.

Custom Designed Electrodes

The most suitable electrode is the one designed for your specific application. Novela design and fabrication processes are designed to deliver customized electrodes at low-cost and fast turn-around time. Our electrode fabrication processes are developed to satisfy wide range of design requirements. For  details and quotations, please contact our engineering team.

Technologies Under Development

High Speed Graphene Sensors for Cancer Detection

A joint project with the University of Waterloo, Novela is employing its proprietary technologies to develop high speed sensing platform for cancer detection.

“MoRZA” Deep Brain Interfacing Arrays

Multiple-Ring Impedance-Controlled Arrays (MoRZA) are under development to provide high density recording and stimulation for deep brain structures. These electrodes are being designed for medical research on primates and large animals with depths of up to 50mm. The electrode mechanical structure and associated implantation procedure are optimized to reduce tissue trauma and improve the system biocompatibility. These electrodes are designed to reduce the complexity of the recording procedure and improve the spatial accuracy of the electrode implantation procedure.

Intra-Muscular Recording Arrays

Multiple channel electrode arrays are under development for intra-muscular recording applications. These electrodes are being designed to reduce the discomfort associated with intra-muscular recording procedures and deliver high quality recorded signals.

Wireless Power Transfer for Medical Implants

Novela launched an integrated project to develop wireless power and data transfer platform. The platform is developed for integration with biomedical implants.

High Risk Pregnancy Monitoring

Novela launched an integrated project in collaboration with Kasr Al-Ainy School of Medicine, Cairo University. The projects aims to develop a disruptive and unique wearable device for monitoring high risk pregnancies.