Micro-System Prototyping

Custom Flexible Circuits and Thin Film Antennas

Novela developed a multi-layer flexible circuit fabrication process for thin film devices and circuits. Our technology is suitable for flexible circuits, antennas, wearables, biomedical sensors and other applications. Our R&D and prototyping services are available for small and medium size customers.


Up to 4 metallization layers
Substrate thickness: 10-25μm (0.4-1mil)
Minimum via diameter: 5μm (0.2mil)
Aspect ratio up to 1:800
Minimum track width and spacing: 10μm (0.4mil)
Minimum dielectric layer thickness: 1.8μm (0.07mil)


For  details and quotations, please contact our engineering team.

RF-MEMS Micro-fabrication

We encourage customers interested in RF-MEMS devices to check out the UW-MEMS process.

The UW-MEMS Process is a research-oriented, proof-of-concept, multi-user MEMS fabrication process. It has been developed at the Center of Integrated RF Engineering (CIRFE) at the University of Waterloo. The UW-MEMS Process is a gold-based surface micro-machining process that has seven mask layers. It has been used successfully to build RF-MEMS devices for RF and aerospace communication applications.

For more information, visit CIRFE Lab.