About Novela

Novela is a start-up company spun off from the University of Waterloo and founded in 2013. Our technology stems from the research on micro-fabrication, nano-post-processing and biomedical engineering that has been undertaken by our research team at the University of Waterloo since 2004.

Novela provides versatile and high-performance advanced micro-electro-mechanical tools for Neuroscience research to enable novel clinical applications. Our technology received the Canada-wide MEMSCAP CMC Best Micro-system Design Award in 2012.

Our product line expanded to include wearable technologies for medical research applications.

Novela engineers have developed proprietary multi-layer 3D flexible circuit technology. Novela utilizes this key technology in manufacturing advanced miniature devices for medical and industrial applications.


Our progress is motivated by the quest for creating novel biomedical technologies capable of providing enhanced functionality and bio-compatibility to improve the efficacy and reliability of the intended applications and procedures.


Novela’s mission is to contribute to the medical research and therapeutics through employing our advanced technologies in developing reliable and efficient medical devices and procedures. Our team will capitalize on existing infrastructure and funding to help grow a sustainable neuro-engineering research and industry cluster in Ontario.